About Marge and Rudy

Rachel Dortch lives in Charlotte, NC, where she is married to her high school sweetheart, and loves spending time with their three beautiful children. She prefers jeans to dresses, dessert to dinner, and believes little things make a big difference. 

Twenty years in the interior design and custom furniture industry gave Rachel a firsthand look at the enormous amount of textiles wasted each year.  After designing her first handbag, an idea was born to merge her love of design, her need to create, her flair with textiles, and her uber recycling sensibilities.  In the summer of 2011, Rachel launched her handbag line, Marge and Rudy, named for her parents.

Each and every Marge and Rudy handbag is eco-friendly, made from locally sourced fabrics and leathers. Many are sourced from custom order remnants and design over-specs.  Rachel saves these high-end designer fabrics and leathers from the landfill and transforms them into unique, fashion forward accessories.  Because the materials she uses are “to the Trade Only”, over-specs, and custom runs, many Marge and Rudy handbags are one of a kind or limited edition, as unique as the women who carry them. 

Stylish and environmentally friendly, you can’t beat that!  And let’s face it… a girl can never have too many bags. 

 Rachel's parents, Marge and Rudy, ca. 1950.